The 5 Common Types Of Residential Windows

Most people are not aware that there are many types of windows used in building construction to provide view and ventilation. Selecting the windows to use follow a number of criteria depending on the individual owner. These can range from style, beauty, wind direction, room size, location and utility among others. This article will offer more insight into the different types of windows that are available today. When looking for your next residential window, here are some of the most common types that will suit your needs perfectly.


This is an American style window that was invented back in 1900 by Joseph W. Walker. The main features of this window are the thin and staggered strips of glass used. These glasses open and close together just like a venetian blind and give your room the aesthetic appearance that it deserves. They are also commonly referred to as louvered windows and look just like a shutter. These windows are perfect for the warm weather areas and offer an inexpensive solution to air conditioning. This is because they allow ideal airflow and also offers efficient security with a perfect outdoor view.


These types of windows are ideal where the airflow is not much required. They are placed high on hallways and walls and provide the best lighting. This type of window also combines perfectly with full lover doors bringing an elegant and light and airflow. When it comes to visual appeal, none beats the picture windows and should be well maintained and secured.


The double hung windows Toronto are made of a pair of shutters that are attached to a frame. These shutters are arranged one above the other and can slide vertically within the frame. They are considered the least energy efficient windows as they restrict the airflow compared to the other types. However, these windows are perfect for exteriors and especially near the patios and walkways as they do not use much exterior spaces. They are also very easy to clean and repair making them a darling to many.


These are projected windows from the wall and normally provided to increase the area of the room. They have lateral panels that can be opened as well as numerous angles for more lighting. This makes it possible for more light and ventilation from the outside. These windows come in different shapes, styles, angles and sizes giving your room the perfect ambience. They also offer opportunities for numerous architectural enhancements that best suits your taste and style.


These are windows that are used in over the flat roofs. Just like the other types, they are designed to provide more light and increase air flow in the rooms. They are normally projected from the surface of the room and can be closed when needed.

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