6 Prepping Tips as You Wait for The Movers

When it comes to moving, everyone fears the stress and hectic activities that comes with moving. The challenges become more profound especially when you are moving with young kids and/or with elderly relatives. Of course, getting the services of professional movers will be very useful. But, you still need to make sure that you are ready when the movers arrive at your place. Below are six prepping tips that will help you in getting everything in order as you wait for the movers on the moving day.


If the moving company will be sending their staff at a particular time, then you should be more than an hour ready before they get there. Avoid packing everything on the moving day. Instead, let the moving day be the day you go through your moving checklist. And make sure everything needed is wrapped and well-labeled. It’s advisable to also confirm the moving time with the movers the day before the moving day. There are moving mobile apps that you can use. These apps help you in keeping an inventory of your home and makes sure you have an organized move from the beginning to the end.


Unless you had talked with the movers about helping you in packing, it’s best to make sure you have everything packed before the movers arrive at your house. Packing happens to be the most strenuous part of moving houses. The earlier you start packing, the better. Start with the things that you don’t use daily and finish up on the items that you use frequently. Make sure the items are clean and dry. This will prevent any odor and damaging of the packing boxes. After the packing, make sure that all the boxes are labeled correctly. This will help the movers when loading the items and prevent any damage to fragile items.


When movers arrive, their job is to help you move everything that is visible. Therefore, to avoid you carrying a lot of unwanted stuff from one house to another, have all the things that you don’t need to be thrown away. Empty the trash bin, before the movers get there. Unwanted clothes or items can be donated, or you can even organize a yard sale a few weeks before moving. Moving with a lot of stuff is not only hectic, but it’s also challenging to keep track of what is lost or present.


Getting a parking spot is very important especially if you live in a neighborhood where getting a parking spot will be very challenging. You can consult with your current landlady or landlord on how you can be availed a parking space for a few hours when the movers Toronto will be moving your stuff. Make sure the parking space is as close to your home as possible so that the moving process will be fast and easy.


The movers are not responsible for any member of your family or pets. You will have to make sure your kids and pets are ready for the moving process. Start preparing them early enough, so that they don’t find the day exhausting. The other important tip in regards to the safety of the kids and pets is always to make sure they are far away from where all the moving action is taking place. You can ask an older relative or friend to help you in looking after them. If not, you can hire a babysitter for that.


On the moving day, it’s always good to have some extra cash. The cash is to handle any emergency that may arise during the moving process. In addition to that, it’s very courteous to tip the movers. Make sure that you keep the cash in a place that you can easily remember and retrieve.

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