5 Ways To Master Air Conditioning Repair Without Breaking A Sweat

During summer and hot weather conditions, it is essential to have an AC unit that is fully functional. However, sometimes, due to factors like wear and tear, humidity and a bad filter, the AC system may have some issues. It is good to have a technician such as the air conditioning repair Oshawa experts who can offer repair services but sometimes hiring one is not necessary. There are some tips and hacks that can help individuals to easily repair their AC units in the case of a glitch or when any issue arises. Repairing the AC yourself will also save you the cost of hiring repairing services. Here is how to learn how to repair your AC effortlessly.

1. Check on the Furnace

You should first check on the furnace to ensure that is not the one causing the malfunctioning of the system. Set the thermostat to AC mode and then lower the temperature. If the furnace kicks in, it is definitely not the problem. If the fan isn’t running, reset the circuit breaker and it it will still not start, call a pro.

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2. Purchase the Parts

Most of the time, the capacitor and the contractor fail. When they do fail, just buy and install them right away because they are relatively affordable. Keep in mind that they are most likely to fail if the AC has been used for over five years. When replacing the parts, have the name of the make, the model and the serial number and get the parts from a reliable store.

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3. Consider Easy Fixes

One of the easy fixes includes shutting off the power. You can do this by first opening the electrical box that is next to the condensing unit. After this, gently pull the disconnect box straight out and then check the inside of the box to ensure that the power is really off.

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4. Test the Fuses

The fuses should be checked in the disconnect block. This should be done by setting the multi-meter to the lowest ohms. Touch the opposite ends of each fuse and if you get a numerical reading, that is an indication that the fuse is in a good condition. However, a zero or a negative symbol indicates that the fuse is blown.

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5. Inspect the Access Panel

You should first discharge a capacitor while doing this. First, remove the capacitor from the retaining bracket. After this, touch a screwdriver that has been insulated between the HERM and COMMON terminals. After this, do the same between the FAN and COMMON terminals. On the single mode capacitors, make a short between the two terminals. If the wires are broken, safely remove them so that they can be repaired.

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