Ten Frequent Causes of Break-Ins

Ever wondered why it is that some homes and businesses are just absolute magnets for thieves and burglars? Well, there are a couple of theories and tons of facts to that. In fact, experts from Toronto locksmith advise that, if you do your homework right, you will find that most home break ins aren’t usually planned. Maybe a burglar way walking by your apartment or business and suddenly notices an immediate opportunity that he/she can’t afford to miss.

And in cases where it involves planning, then it also results from them picking up many different clues and ideas about some of your security flaws and how they can exploit them. Burglaries often happen for many different reasons. But here are some ten frequent causes of burglaries that you may be interested to know.

1. Easy accessibility

The moment a thief identifies an empty home or business with easy access, chances are super-high that he/she is going to rob it. You find that the homes with the least cover and security are usually top of the burglar’s list. Unlocked windows and doors or easy escape routes are just manna from heaven for burglars.

2. Low traffic areas

Burglars are also attracted to areas with low traffic. So, homes and businesses on the outskirts of neighborhoods get a taste of some crime. Nobody wants to get spotted while committing a crime. Maybe a passing vehicle flashes its headlights at a burglar breaking into a home. Something like that will definitely turn them off.

3. Previously burglarized homes

If your home has previously burglarized, chances are high that another burglar will also look at your home or business as equally vulnerable and try to seize that opportunity as well. Chances are also high that the original thief may come by for another opportunity if he/she wasn’t caught in the act the first time.

4. Homes with overgrown landscapes

Every thief will want to target an unexposed home or business that’s easy to sneak up on. So, if your home or business is located around an area with bushes and thickets enough to hide a person, then chances are high that you may be a victim of a burglary. Even homes close to trees can offer a burglar access to a building’ second or even third floor.

5. Poor security features

A burglar will definitely be interested in building with poor lighting and poor security features like no cameras and stuff like that. Again, no sane person would want to be caught in the act of stealing. So, buildings with poor or no security features are definite targets.

6. Unoccupied homes

Unoccupied homes are another great thing that most burglars target. Data shows that nearly 60% of all burglaries usually occur during the day when nobody is home. Unoccupied homes are an easy target and also rank high up in the thieves’ list.

7. Homes with poor lighting

As mentioned above, if your home and home’s surrounding have poor lighting, then a burglar can find it easy to creep up to your home and steal from you.

8. Hiring outside help

Yes! Hiring outside help can also get you into trouble sometimes. When you bring like a housekeeper or babysitter into your home, you never really know who you are hiring. Except of course if you knew them before. But, in some cases, it may end up costing you big time.

9. Advertising your valuables

So, you just won a brand-new mansion in a bet or that fancy car. Or maybe you won the jackpot. And are flashing all your valuables all over the internet and to other people. You may have other more valuable stuff out of sight. But the few that are visible and accessible will definitely attract some bad people.

10. Lack of alarm features

If your house doesn’t have any alarm system installed, then it will be like a ‘welcome home’ open door to a burglar. Burglars have been reported to skip homes with security systems installed and attack homes without alarm features. Might be a good idea to get one now.

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