5 Reasons to Work with an Agent When Buying Real Estate

For first-time buyers and those looking to move into a new home, a real estate agent may help find the perfect place. Their experience with real estate properties allows them to provide expert advice and many other benefits.

1. Realtors Know the Most Common Red Flags

Realtors spend a lot of time looking at houses. Unless you spend most of your day walking through various homes, you may not notice some of the most common warning signs of issues with the home.

Issues such as insect infestations, mould growth, roof damage, leaks, and water damage may not be easy for the typical home buyer to spot. A real estate agent knows what to look for and can help point these issues out, saving buyers the hassle of discovering these issues when they pay for an inspection.

2. Realtors Know the Local Real Estate Market

Due to their experience looking at homes in the area, realtors are also knowledgeable about the local market. They know the average selling prices in the area, along with the pros and cons of each neighbourhood.

When a home buyer is looking for specific features in a neighbourhood, such as good schools, low crime, or convenient access to shop, realtors help find the right location.

3. Realtors Help Arrange Showings for Homes

Home buyers may need to get a good look at a home to determine if they are interested in making an offer or paying for an inspection. While many sellers hold open houses, these events are often held on Sundays for several hours in the middle of the day. Not everyone can make it to the open house during these limited hours.

Realtors can contact the seller or the seller’s realtor to arrange a showing. They know who to contact and can often arrange the showing for a time that works with the potential buyer.

4. Realtors Help Buyers Explore Financing

Realtors have dealt with all types of financing situations. While they cannot handle the home loan application for their clients, they can provide advice and recommendations. They may suggest a specific type of loan or recommend a specific lender or bank.

For first-time home buyers, understanding the various home loan terms and details can be confusing. Realtors help explain these details so that the buyer can find the right loan option. You may find more info at Chestnut Park if you are looking for additional resources.

5. Realtors Can Help Find Inspectors and Contractors

When it comes time to schedule a home inspection, realtors can offer recommendations. They have likely worked with the most experienced home inspectors in the area and know who offers the best value.

With these recommendations, home buyers can ensure that they are getting honest feedback from the inspector.

If the home requires some remodelling or renovations, the realtor may also offer referrals for trusted local contractors. Finding a contractor that carries out honest work is not always easy. These recommendations are just one more benefit of working with a realtor when shopping for a home.

Besides the advantages, working with a realtor is also free. In most situations, the agent’s commission is covered by the seller during closing.