5 Drain Repair Mistakes Common Among DIY Scenarios

Owning or renting a home comes with tons of responsibilities that you, the owner or lease of the home, has to face. And one of those responsibilities lies in plumbing and drainage systems. It’s no secret that plumber Toronto handles one of the most problematic house issues that all homeowners have to face at one point in their lives.

The only difference is how each of us handles these issues. You find that most homeowners opt to DIY their plumbing repairs instead of opting to call a professional plumber for the job. And most of the time, the DIYs end up making things even worse. Don’t get the wrong impression here. It’s not a bad idea to want to cut on the cost of hiring a plumber. Only that sometimes, there are some repairs that need more than just instructions or manuals to be solved. And drain repair and plumbing are one of those problems that require plumbers from a plumbing company. So, should you ever choose to DIY your home plumbing, then at least try to steer clear of these common plumbing mistakes.

1. Stopping the drain leak using super glue

At first, it will seem like you really did manage to fix the plumbing issue. But know that using super glue to stop a leak is only usually a quick and temporary fix. And the next time the leak starts again, you will have to use a lot more cash than you would use to buy any amount of super glue to fix it. Remember, super glue isn’t meant to seal off water leaks, and choosing to use one may eventually get you in hotter soup.

2. Connecting your washing machine to a sink

The moment you notice drainage issues with your washing machine, it’s better to get professional help with it ASAP than just trying to connect it to a nearby sink. If you do connect it to another plumbing system, you may end up making your drainage worse. Both features might even get broken in the process.

3. Using quick fixes for clogged drains

Maybe you are using your sink. You are in such a hurry, maybe even late for work, and your sink gets clogged. So, you decide to try and fix it immediately by plunging it a couple of times and even pouring some chemicals down your drain to fix it. This process can work but it’s less likely that it’s going to work in most cases. In fact, you might end up being the reason for a major clog in your drainage later on. And that will cost you a lot more than a plunger or a couple of drains to fix.

4. Placing a plastic bin under a leaking drain

This quick fix can work for you for a while. It may even be the best option especially if you are waiting for a professional plumber to come to fix the problem. But it should never be a permanent solution to a leaking drain. One, the wastewater itself can make you sick. You will have to come in contact with the germs and bacteria in the water every time you have to replace the plastic bin. The best solution is to call a plumber to fix the leakage.

5. Mixing and matching

So, you’ve noticed a leakage in your drain and head over to the store to get some plumbing tools to try and DIY it. Maybe get some pipes and things like that. Only to get home and realize that you have the wrong equipment for the DIY. But, instead of heading back to get the right equipment and materials, you choose to install the mix and matched pipes or other materials. This never works period. Sooner or later, dangerous corrosion may happen and the drain may even burst to flood your whole home.

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